The Five Basic Laser Dental Treatments

Five basic laser dental treatments will be offered by our Laser Dental Centers, to keep operating costs down (which will benefit our patients with lower fees). These are all time-tested, successful treatments that will utilize the "Magic of the Laser" with the "Kinder, Gentler Approach."

The Cavilase Procedure

The Restoralase Procedure

The Laser Nerve Treatment

The Sterilase Laser Teeth Cleaning Procedure

The Smilelase Procedure

All of these treatments are our intellectual properties and are proprietary techniques which have been used with great success at our Comprehensive Dental Center in Fullerton, California for over 14 years.

Dr. Hansen has thousands of satisfied patients who can attest that these methods do work. Now it's time to "mainstream" this dental treatment technology to the general public and change the face of Dentistry forever. You can be a part of this great adventure by becoming one of our partners.

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