Affordability--Economic Issues

Many times, the costs for these state-of-the-art treatments become an issue for patients who feel they can’t afford them. But the old adage “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” rings true in this case. The high quality of care that we provide is another consideration. Patients’ needs are considered on a personalized, case-by-case basis, and progress is carefully monitored and followed.

Although the initial expense of treatment may be somewhat higher than normal, over time the patient may actually save money because of not having to return for more agressive and expensive treatment. Our philosophy is one of prevention, and returning the body to its natural, healthy state so that it can deal with the everyday problems of toxic, viral and bacterial exposures the way it is supposed to, successfully fighting off all challengers with a strong, healthy immune system. Once the body has achieved that healthy balance, it can and will do just that, and repeatedtrips to a health practitioner for the same recurring problems may become a thing of the past. This is the goal that we at Comprehensive Dental Center and Laser Dental Centers of America strive for with all of our patients.

There is no denying that we are experiencing some shaky economic times. Many people feel that dental care is an "elective" expense and it is reasonable to put it off until the economy gets better, but nothing could be further from the truth.

The medical profession in the U.S. is plagued with spiraling, out-of-control costs, while the quality of healthcare falls. HMO's and insurance companies are beginning to limit what they cover, and if the National Health Insurance plan goes through, there will be limits on coverage and lengths of treatment from that as well.

Since it now appears likely and/or provable that improving dental health, including the removal of harmful elements from the mouth, helps to strengthen immunity and whole-body health, then it follows that an investment in health-centered dental care is well worth it; taking care of the mouth and the oral immune system may be a great way of strengthening the body's "armor" against infection and disease. Investing in this now may just eliminate a whole slew of medical problems later.

The field of prevention in
healthcare is rapidly growing, as people realize that preventing a disease or disorder in advance is much more preferable than treating it after it develops, especially with the present state of our healthcare system. Healthy dentistry is one weapon in the arsenal of prevention that may have a huge, positive effect, and more and more people are learning and understanding this.

The truth is that one's health is the most important possession that anyone has, and once it is gone it cannot be bought back.

It's a judgment call--if it will be good for you, if it can preserve and protect your health and prevent you from falling prey to our present, broken medical system, then it is worthwhile--even if it means putting off some extra luxuries for awhile to do it.

One more thing to consider is "bargain basement" dentistry. You have probably heard and seen ads by dental businesses promoting various dental procedures for very low prices. You must be aware of what they are really offering. They may not be using the latest biocompatible materials, or using immunity-preserving techniques.

You generally get what you pay for in dentistry, just as with any other business. While these cut-rate treatments may look and feel good in the beginning, they may not only fail miserably in the long run, but they may also compromise your immune system and your health. Plus, the cost of re-treatment that may be required after these "bargain" procedures fail, could cost you far more money than getting them done correctly in the first place. It's comparable to getting a cheap paint job for your car--it looks great at first, then the paint fades, peels off and your car starts to rust. Beware of "bargain basement" dentistry at all costs.

We do invite you to research the matter further for yourself, and if we can be of any help or provide any advice or information, please let us know. Also, go to our "Useful Links" page to find out more on this subject.

Your health, and the way it is preserved and protected, is in your hands. There are things you can do to protect yourself, and being aware of Health and Dentistry is one of them.

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