Natural Dentistry

Many people are growing more concerned about, and more aware of, natural dentistry. But what does that really mean?

We at Laser Dental Centers of America/Laser Dental Wellness Center believe that it means using treatments and techniques that encourages the body (the mouth, gums, teeth, and oral area) to heal itself. Therefore, we try to be as non-invasive as possible in whatever we do, and we use materials that are as close to what God and nature has created to restore and revitalize the mouth.

This includes using lasers in various dental treatments. What could be more natural than light? Lasers are simply controlled, focused light beams that can be utilized for very effective sterilization; removing decay and damaged tooth tissue without harming adjoining healthy tissue; bonding restorations and fillings to teeth; and even in surgery, where they make clean, self-cauterizing incisions that heal more quickly and with less pain than conventional methods.

The filling and restoration materials we use are "biocompatible." You will see that word used a lot on this site. Biocompatible compounds are made up of materials that the body accepts into its system as part of its natural makeup. They are not toxic, nor subject to rejection by the body's systems. These compounds are natural and biologically friendly to the body, and may actually help promote healing.

Our version of natural dentistry extends into widely accepted homeopathic remedies as well. These promote healing and reduce pain following dental treatments. We also use herbal teas and natural supplements to help relax patients prior to treatments.

We provide nutritional counseling, and can refer you to other health practitioners such as naturopaths, chiropractors, or MD's who subscribe to natural healing philosophies--all as a part of helping you down the road to achieving good oral and overall health--naturally.

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