root canals may cause illness

The possibility that conventional root canal treatments may cause illness is very real. They have been controversial since the turn of the century, when formaldehyde was used to treat the nerve which inevitably killed it, and the bone around the tooth, as well. While the normal dental profession has been striving to improve the technique, much research has shown that even modern root canals pose health hazards to the body. This is due to the delirious effects of residual infections; from the seepage of toxic substances still used in the process; and from the interference of the flow of bio-electrical energy through acupuncture meridians associated with all the organs of the body.

All conventional root canals still do employ toxic substances to sterilize the interior of the tooth, such as eugenol (oil of clove) and formocresol (formaldehyde-creosote). Most dentists also use gutta-percha to fill the canal. Gutta-percha is a latex material, to which some people are allergic. Since gutta-percha does not show up on x-rays, heavy metals, including mercury and lead, are added, sometimes up to 20% of its content. Other chemicals it may contain include formocreasol or parachlorophenol. These substances can cause inflammation and infection, allergic reactions, and compromise the immune system.

In the 1950s, Reinhold Voll, a German M.D., using an electro-acupuncture biofeedback system he had developed, discovered that each tooth in the mouth relates to a specific acupuncture meridian. He found that if a tooth became infected or diseased, the organ on the same meridian would also become unhealthy. (Conversely, he found that a diseased organ could cause a problem with its corresponding tooth.)

When you have a root canal, or even a big filling, or crown or anything that is not compatible with the body, it sets up an interference field blocking or altering the energy meridian passing through it. It will affect different parts along that meridian, different organ systems in the body. And usually will cause it to have a problem as well.

If the tooth is removed, the energy does tend to pass through it. However, without the tooth in the bone, it is still altered. Without stimulation from a tooth, blood circulation and lymphatic drainage will be impaired, and the bone and tissue surrounding the cavitation can become diseased and die. Infections in the teeth, and toxins, have no place to go but down; down into the jaw bone and into the rest of the body, creating systemic pathologies.

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