TMJ Bite and Jaw Pain

Many people today are aware of TMJ bite and jaw pain problems, caused by the Temporomandibular Joints which are actually two sets of muscles, one on each side of the skull behind the ears, that connect the lower jaw to the skull.

These joints, or muscle groups, enable the lower jaw to move freely from side to side or up and down, or a combination of these motions, and are important for the acts of biting, chewing, speaking and even yawning.

TMJ pain and discomfort can be caused by a number of factors, including a misaligned bite, orthodontic braces, stress and teeth grinding, poor posture, poor diet and lack of sleep. Other causes may include injuries or fractures to the jaw, arthritis, or structural deformities.

Many people with TMJ bite and jaw pain complain of biting and chewing problems; a clicking, popping or grating sound when opening or closing the mouth; earache or headache; dull pains in the face; tenderness or pain in the jaw; and/or difficulty in opening or closing the mouth.

Our Center deals with these problems on a case-by-case basis, with an emphasis on a holistic approach. Using various examination and analysis techniques, we can pinpoint the cause of the problem and treat it accordingly.

Many times it is just a matter of learning relaxation and massaging techniques, as well as improving posture--for example, the way one sits at a computer desk to work. We also treat the autonomic nervous system by using electromagnetic therapies on the affected areas. Electromagnetism has been used for many years in Europe as an accepted, effective way to treat many problems in the body, and we have seen it work extremely well in many TMJ cases.

In some cases we may recommend a Nightguard, which protects from teeth grinding at night.

If you feel you may have any of the above-mentioned symptoms, please let us know. Dr. Hansen and his staff are experts in treating TMJ bite and jaw pain issues, and they will tailor any treatments to you needs. One thing you can count on is that any treatments will be minimally invasive, biocompatible, and performed with your entire health picture constantly in mind.

Feel free to Contact Us with any questions on this, or any other dental health related subject. We're here to meet ALL of your dental health needs.

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