Patient Satisfaction

Multitudes of patients have experienced Dr. Hansen's laser dental treatments, and have been delighted with their results, both in the quality of the treatments they received and the way their health was protected, or in many cases, enhanced.

There is case after case on file at our main center in Fullerton, California, documenting the transformations that have taken place in patients with chronic dental problems as well as health problems. Now that the mouth/whole body health connection is gaining acceptance and confirmation in the medical community, more and more people are becoming aware of it and are seeking healthy dental treatments. Our dental center has not disappointed these people, and has many times exceeded their expectations.

Dr. Hansen's patient list includes people from all over the country, and the world, who travel to Fullerton to get the kind of treatment he offers. Obviously, patient privacy rights must be preserved, but many of these patients are names you would immediately recognize--people in the entertainment and sports fields, business professionals, heads of major companies, motivational and self-improvement personalities, and well-known health practitioners and advocates, among others.

The loyalty, faith, and trust they have in Dr. Hansen and what he does is confirmation that he must be doing something right, and these people have in turn recommended Dr. Hansen to friends and family members. The following are unsolicited letters from our patients, on file at our Center.

"What a Difference!"

“In 2001, I was awakened in the wee hours of the morning with a toothache unlike any I’d ever had. This one was unbearable, and no amount of Tylenol would stop the throbbing, burning, tortuous pain along my jaw, under my neck and in the TMJ region....I called a dentist friend who agreed to meet me at his office. He pulled the nerves, but apparently poked a hole in the bottom of my tooth, as the little ‘wire’ he inserted down the root went through and into my jaw (visible on x-rays). The gutta percha he put in the root I later found contains heavy metal...[research shows that it is usually cadmium or other heavy metals in order to showup on x-rays]. I went home in horrific pain for days. I searched the internet...

Before long I found a dentist in Fullerton who practices ‘biologic’ dentistry. Being an emergency, he found time for me. He pulled out the gutta percha, packed the root with antibiotics and cortisone...INSTANT RELIEF. I returned to him several times and the root was filled with a (biocompatible) material--no metals or toxins. He told me dentists won’t use it because it doesn’t x-ray well. Anyway, it was...more expensive than a regular root canal, but worth every penny. The tooth has been ‘preserved.’I’ve never had any problem with it.

Now, you think I would have learned. Here it is 2007 and I woke up one July morning with that same ‘I need a root canal’pain. I go to a dentist in Southern Orange County who is not ‘biologic’ but I go to him because Fullerton was 37 miles from myhome (and by now I’d even forgotten the name and location). The Southern Orange County dentist took a digital x-ray, and then sent me home because he didn’t see anything. I will still hurting horribly and thinking it was a viral infection...Then ten days later I could withstand the pain no more, and went back to the dentist for the root canal.

From the first visit it was a disaster. It appeared he didn’t have the expertise needed, and he began poking and prodding and hitting nerves that weren’t numb. It was torture. I was sent home and hurt so much I kept taking Tylenol every few hours--for another week! I went to my second visit where he worked up a sweat pulling two nerves and making some comment about not being able to find the third. Then he thought he found it. I was ‘closed’ up and sent home. Frankly, I thought he’d pulled the nerves on my first visit. No wonder I was in agony for another week!

But then, two days later I woke up at 5 a.m., and it felt like I was having surgery done on my jaw without anesthesia. I got dressed and headed for Fullerton to Dr. Richard Hansen’s office (looked him up on the internet).

I could barely drive I was in so much pain. The Tylenol did absolutely nothing to alleviate the pain. I even needed gas formy car, but didn’t stop.

I arrived, and thank God they were open. They told me that...they couldn’t take me (two people flying in for treatment) but when they saw the horrific pain I was in, praise God they were able to fit me in.

WHAT A DIFFERENCE. They did all the right things, used all the right tools. First I was numbed and I really got numb.Dr. Yoon took a look at the other dentist’s work and said that the tooth had been cracked down the center and the infection was leaking into the jaw. He said ‘no wonder she hurts...that would have to hurt worse than anything.’ [Amen to that!] It appeared that the other dentist didn’t get the third nerve--nor clean out the canal well enough. He also said he thought that thefirst dentist didn’t get the third nerve, or clean out the canal well enough. He also said he thought that the first dentist had put a material [Vitaplex] in my tooth that contained formaldehyde or other toxic substance. He said it was an ‘old’ practice. Nowonder I was so sick.

Then he proceeded to do what biologic dentists do that no other dentists do. He thoroughly cleansed the canal; lavage; anti-biotics; anti-inflammatories; laser to sterilize and more. I could tell how thorough he was. It was completely different from what the first dentist had done. He even used a special tool that injects antibiotics right down into each canal. He told me, ‘You’re going to feel like 100% again right away.’

I was a bit sore of course when the anesthesia wore off...but all the pain from the infection and cracked tooth, etc., was 100% gone. Comparatively it felt like a miracle. But everyone can experience a miracle when all the right things are done.

Another thing. Every morning I awaken, barely able to move. Reaching for something above my head can range from impossible to extremely painful. The next morning I didn’t have that problem at all. Infection in your teeth can contribute toand even cause diseases throughout your body.

Everyone should only have biologic one should have to deal with cadmium, lead, mercury, etc. and truth is, even husband says he has had regular root canals and they don’t ‘bother him,’ why does he now have Parkinson’s?

I pray that as my children and their children need any kind of dental work all dentists will be ‘biologic.’ It’s more expensive now because it’s not ‘generally accepted’ so the equipment, materials, and even legal protection is still more costly.

I was literally being poisoned from the ‘orthodox’ methods and materials, removing them is not an option but a necessity. Here’s the most important thing. Just because a dentist says they have laser or digital photography, doesn’t mean they practice biologic dentistry!

I’m also thankful...that Dr. Hansen and Dr. Yoon had the wisdom and the courage to depart from ‘orthodoxy.’ I’ll never go anywhere else again.”

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"I'll Never Fear Dentistry Again"

"When I first came to Dr. Hansen's office in the spring of 2003, I was somewhat fearful and skeptical about how I would be treated. An acquaintance of mine had raved about the place, and had even set up my first appointment. He had to goad me into going because I had a real fear of dentistry due to several traumatic experiences I had endured with conventional dentists in my youth, but he told me this would be different.

"I soon found out that my fears and skepticism were unwarranted. I was treated like an old friend, and had a thorough examination followed by a teeth-cleaning that was the most painless and comfortable cleaning I had ever had (using lasers and ultrasonics). I had several filling and root canals that had failed due to cracking and leaking issues (this is where I found out that standard root canals using conventional cement and crowns are not foolproof).

"Over time, Dr. Hansen and his associates, including Dr. Andy Yoon, spent a long time dealing with and correcting my dental issues. The doctors and their staff spend a lot of time educating you and explaining the procedures they use, and that takes a lot of the fear out of the treatments. I was given virtual reality glasses and earphones so I could watch movies during some of the more involved procedures, and I was kept very comfortable by the vibrating, heated chair mats they use.

"My fears and apprehensions subsided almost instantly, and I quickly got to the point where I was very comfortable and relaxed in the chair during treatments. This is due in part to the reassuring, friendly attitude of the staff and doctors, but also because the lasers, digital x-rays, and other ultra-modern things they use are less 'threatening' and uncomfortable. I have even undergone several procedures without needing Novocaine.

"The benefits of the treatments I have had here are numerous. I have noticed a substantial improvement in my immunity and ability to fight off a lot of things that used to make me really sick. My re-treated teeth, including the ones with the new crowns which are laser-bonded, seem much stronger than when they were filled with mercury fillings or crowned with the old, leaking crowns. Having better functioning and better looking teeth has also increased my self-confidence. And, my fear of dentistry is completely gone.

"I can't say enough good things about Dr. Hansen and his staff at Comprehensive Dental Center, and I really hope that his Laser Dental Center expansion plans are a great success, because more people need to know about this new kind of treatment."

---Dave, Patient of Dr. Hansen's for over seven years.

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