Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal

For a safe and healthy mercury amalgam removal procedure, it is imperative for the health of the patient, as well as the health of the dental practitioners, that safety protocols be strictly followed during the removal procedure. These protocols are practiced and adhered to at our Center.

First, we protect the patient from accidentally ingesting any of the removed metals through the placement of a rubber dam in the mouth.

Then, to protect the patient and the staff from inhaling potentially harmful vapors, a room-air vacuum machine is place near the patient's mouth.

Additionally, a nasal canula that provides a constant supply of fresh, pure air is placed on the patient to further prevent any accidental inhalation of toxic fumes.

All mercury which is removed is treated and handled as toxic waste and disposed of in properly marked hazardous waste receptacles.

Finally, we provide the patient with information and materials that they may need to detoxify their bodily systems from the effects of having mercury in their mouths. This may include homeopathics, dietary information and recommendations, and/or referrals to other health practitioners specializing in detoxification.

It is extremely important that these protocols be followed to the letter, to help preserve and protect the health of each patient. Comprehensive Dental Center Associates are committed to practicing and following these protocols.

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