holistic dentistry

What is "Holistic Dentistry?"

Holistic Dentistry, sometimes called Alternative, Biologic, or Biocompatible Dentistry, is an approach to dental care that tries to integrate the treatment of the mouth and oral area with all of the functioning systems of the human body. Holistic Dental Health identifies and treats any oral influence or stressor that may adversely impact a patient's overall health, as well as screening for, and recognizing unbalanced, dysfunctional systems of the body that may interfere with the achievement of ultimate oral health.

The Holistic Dentist recognizes that the mouth is an integral part of the body, and that the functional, underlying state of the body systems may severely impact the outcome of most dental care. Likewise, performing many dental procedures without first recognizing any potentially compromised, functioning areas of the body may further stress the system and adversely impact the patient's overall health.

Laser Dental Centers understands the functioning state of the mouth and the intimate relationship with every biologic system of the body. The techniques, materials, and even the timing and quantity of treatment of the oral structures need to be addressed in relation to their impact on whole body function. These treatments must also support all of the other functioning, biologic systems, to achieve optimum dental and whole-body health.

We avoid using mercury amalgam fillings, mixed-metal restorations, or any materials that may cause adverse or toxic reactions in patients. All restorative materials and compounds used at Laser Dental Centers are “biocompatible”—friendly to nature and the body, and easily incorporated into the bodily systems and functions.

At our center, we offer material testing to our patients through Clifford Testing in Denver, CO, to find out which materials or compounds patients may be sensitive to, so that everything that is used in restorative procedures will not be a detriment to them or their overall health.

Additionally, we can and do make dietary recommendations to help patients support their oral immune and whole-body immune systems.

Also, we can and do work with patients’ other health care practitioners, to make sure that everything we do is complimentary to their total-wellness health programs and treatments. We also may refer patients to other health care professionals if problems are identified or suspected during routine examinations and/or treatments.

Essentially, holistic dentistry follows the old adage of “First, do no harm.” But it carries that philosophy much further, by using biocompatible techniques, tools, and materials that will promote healing as well as health and well-being, both orally and bodily.

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