Laser Dental for Kids

Because it is very important how teeth are treated early in life, we offer Laser Dental for Kids. We find that it is less fear-producing and less intimidating, and a lot of our younger patients actually look forward to their next visit.

Dr. Hansen has found that much of the treatment he has had to do on adults was caused by the way their teeth were treated when they were children. Large mixed-metal fillings that leak and distort teeth can cause decay and breakdown later in life. He also found that many of his adult patients were mistreated as children, by dentists who didn't know how to handle them, traumatizing them for the rest of their lives. This caused Dr. Hansen great concern for the dental therapies children are subjected to, and in developing Laser Dental for Kids, he has worked hard to make things better for them.

Generally, he found that most kids' problems (cavities) are small and easy to deal with if done correctly, and if treated early using established benign laser procedures, those problems may never return as they mature and become adults. By treating them gently and not producing the fear, anxiety, and dread that conventional dentistry may cause, he hopes to eliminate the phobias and traumas that many older patients have taken into their adult lives.

A laser filling procedure on a small cavity is very kind and gentle, and usually doesn't take very long. If the cavity is not located near the nerve it may not even require the standard "shot" of anesthetic. Using the laser instead of a drill to remove the decay produces much less fear and anxiety by eliminating the noise, vibration, and heat-friction of the drill. The filling material is made of a tooth-like, bondable compound which is fused to the tooth with a laser, essentially making the compound a part of the tooth that won't discolor, crack, leak or fall out over time. This may then return the tooth to its original strength and appearance, and that tooth may never again require any treatment for the rest of the child's life.

Combine the laser filling procedure with laser cleanings which virtually eliminate the old, uncomfortable probing and scraping and are much more efficient for removing plaque, bacteria and infectious agents; and laser diagnostics, along with high-tech intra-oral camera exams (live, color video which the doctor and patient can see together) which eliminate the need for the old mirror and probe, and you have a scenario which is much more "kid friendly" than conventional dentistry.

Laser Dental for Kids is a less stressful, healthier alternative for a child's dental treatment, and is something that we specialize in at our practice. Plus, many of our staff members are parents themselves and bring their own children here for treatment, so they know how to deal with kids on a personal, compassionate and reassuring basis.

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