The Laser Nerve Treatment

The Laser Nerve Treatment may, in many cases, eliminate the need for a root canal procedure. It is used as an alternative to root canals, and has been very effective in re-vitalizing and re-growing damaged tooth nerves. Pain and swelling in or around a tooth doesn't necessarily mean that the tooth is dead and can't be revived. Many times, there is still viable tissue in the pulp chamber, with blood flow to provide oxygen and healing to the area. Through the Laser Nerve Treatment, the tooth can be healed and repaired without the need for such drastic measures as a root canal.

There are many weaknesses in the standard root canal procedure. For one thing, the chemicals used to sterilize the root interiors are toxic and harmful to the human body. Another problem is the gutta percha material used to fill the roots. It is made of a latex material that many people may be sensitive to, and may shrink or leave voids which may leak and breed more bacteria. Gutta percha is mixed with heavy metal salts, which may include mercury, barium, and lead, so that it will show up well in an X-Ray. All blood flow and lymphatic drainage to the area surrounding the tooth may be reduced, which may cause bone death and degradation around the tooth. The cement that fastens the permanent crown is not foolproof, either. It may crack and leak over time, allowing microbes to enter the remainder of the tooth underneath, and cause further decay and breakdown.

The Laser Nerve Treatment is a healthy alternative to the root canal. The laser can disinfect and remove the dead, infected tissue while disinfecting the tooth interior much more thoroughly than any combination of chemicals can. Materials that repair and heal the nerve tissue can then be injected into the root chamber, after which the outside of the tooth can be repaired with biocompatible inlays or onlays.

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