Mercury Free Dentistry

Laser Dental Center - Fullerton practices mercury free dentistry and metal free dentistry. That means there is no mercury or metals in our fillings, as well as in our root-canal filling compounds.

There is much evidence to support that using mercury in fillings may be toxic to the body. Also, much hard evidence and research shows that mercury and other mixed-metals in the mouth may cause a galvanic, or battery effect, producing measurable voltages which then may interfere with the brain's normal electromagnetic wave patterns.

Many people don't realize that the standard root canal filling, called "gutta percha," may contain mercury or other heavy-metal salts just so it can show up in an X-Ray. We do not use these materials--instead, should a root canal therapy be needed, we use a calcium oxide material that calcifies the tooth root, mimicking what nature does throughout the life of the tooth.

The other way mercury free dentistry and metal free dentistry is practiced at our facility is through the use of biocompatible, laser-bonded fillings instead of mercury amalgam fillings. Using materials that mimic nature, which are bonded to the tooth with a laser, can restore a tooth to its original strength and appearance, avoiding the unsightly and potentially hazardous side-effects of mercury fillings. Bondable, biocompatible fillings are the only type we use at Comprehensive Dental Center Associates, and have proven to be reliable, viable and healthy alternatives to standard mercury fillings.

Our crowns and restorations are made of biocompatible, tooth-like materials as well, and contain no mixed metals, which may cause a galvanic or battery effect in the mouth, which in turn may interfere with the brain's natural electromagnetic signals to the rest of the body.

Refer to our other pages regarding mercury amalgam fillings for more information, as well as our pages concerning root canal alternatives and restorations. These will give you further explanations as to these procedures, and how the use of mercury and mixed metals is avoided at our Center.

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