Laser Dentistry

Introduction to Laser Dentistry
by Richard T. Hansen, DMD, FACAD,
Director, Laser Dental Centers of America

I would like to talk to you about a new model of Laser Dentistry, called Laser Dental Centers of America—Dental Lasik. Now I know, nobody really likes dentistry and it makes many people uncomfortable just for me to mention it.

However, what I discovered during the 1990’s during my research trials in getting FDA approval for Dental Lasers, is that once we got clearance to use lasers in place of drills to prepare teeth, more media attention was generated than in any point in dental history. The interest was so high that there were TV camera crews in my office from all over the world for months on end.

This is me, Dr. Richard Hansen, on the cover of the Journal for the American Dental Association in August of 1997, and I thought, during that time, that the profession would change forever. As I would later discover, I was wrong, because the dental professionals wouldn’t change, even though the public was primed and ready for it.

What if we had a product or service that everybody wanted, there was literally no competition for it, the product/service was already in existence so we didn’t have to create anything, and the market was huge? Would that be a good investment?

Adaptive Innovations of society include going from the horse and buggy to the automobile; the calculator of the 1950’s to our modern-day computers—or the Internet, which was only created 13 to 14 years ago with Mark Andriesson at the University of Illinois. And now we have Google, with tremendous amounts of investment potential, and this all happened within the last few years. And in the 1980’s, scalpels, which had been used in eye surgery, were replaced by the lasers of today, through the Lasik and Laser Eye Center Model.

This is what I hope to do for Dentistry, another adaptive innovation that will change society forever—Laser Dental Centers of America, “DentaLasik.”

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