LDCA Business Model--What Makes Us Different

Most professionals and healthcare providers, especially dentists, enjoy working with patients and thrive by providing innovative quality care. However, most are also adverse to, and in many cases are not effective at, running and managing a business while trying to provide this quality care. The demands of marketing and promotion, accounting, payables and receivables, inventory control, personnel, etc. are stressful and often neglected by many professionals. The logistics, paperwork, and other management details have become increasingly more complicated and demanding.

As a result, most health professionals have entrusted the operation and management to staff members who many times do not possess the skill, training or desire to optimize business success. The health profession field has always been a dysfunctional business model. The most trained, educated, and paid are running the assembly line while the least trained, educated, and paid are running management.

Laser Dental Centers of America helps solve this issue so that all may win and benefit. Doctors will spend most, if not all, of their time providing quality patient care, thereby reducing their stress load and increasing their satisfaction. Patients will receive the full attention of health staff, obtaining the highest quality and quantity of care for their purchasing dollar. LDCA as a Management Service Organization provides the highest level of business skills maximizing profits with control of overhead. In addition, LDCA has an opportunity to "brand" an innovative new concept that will not only revolutionize the practice of dentistry, but provide the public with a highly desirable alternative to traditional dental care.

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