Our Management and Advisory Team

Our Corporate Management Team has extensive experience in the laser industry, the dental industry, as well as sales and marketing. Dr. Hansen realizes that he is not the best one, long-term, to run and manage this company, due to his active practice and research, so we have identified a chief operating officer and chief financial officer that will join after funding. In addition, we expect to outsource many functions to our strategic partners who have expertise in the areas that we need to fill.

We also have a current Office Management Team that is very experienced in the operation and training of personnel for each new dental office. All members of this team have been with Dr. Hansen for many years, and are dedicated to his principles and philosophies of total wellness and preservation of oral immunity; and well-versed in the techniques and materials that are utilized in his treatments. The Office Management team includes experts in the fields of front and back office operation, financial control, public relations, and media production for publicity, staff training, and patient education. Additional team members will be added and trained as the need arises.

>Our Advisory Board is quite diverse with extensive experience in the laser industry, dental industry, managing high-level companies, legal and investment banking. They will be with us every step of the way, helping to maximize our earning potential

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