The earning potential for a Laser Dental Center Office that performs only five simple procedures is actually greater than the higher overhead of a normal dental office. Potentially, doing just these five procedures, the yearly revenue can be between 3 and 4 million dollars a year. For conservative estimation of our sales, beginning with Year One, we have estimated revenues of approximately one million dollars.

Our financial projections look extremely promising. Total sales for each location should be about 1 million dollars the first year, up to almost 3 million dollars by Year Five. Our projected LDCA profit for five locations should be approximately 1.2 million dollars the first year, going up to over 7 million dollars by Year Five. This would lead to a cumulative LDCA profit at the end of five years, for the five locations, at roughly 21 million dollars.

As of this time, we have self-funded with approximately one million dollars. We are currently seeking an additional 4 to 5 million dollars to establish our five locations with one hub training and staff development center. This will also allow us to begin expansion into other market areas. What we are offering the initial investors is either an equity stock position or convertible debentures.

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