Marketing Our Centers

Our marketing system is extremely unique. In today’s society, it is difficult to get the marketing message across, especially when you are trying to change a public paradigm. We have a very unique local market saturation campaign, as well as a regional system in place, that when appropriate, will include both press releases and media exposure to ensure that our message is broadly received. When we are ready for a national roll-out, we already have many major media personalities available, and opportunities to be placed on talk shows at the most opportune moments.

We also recognize that we will be challenged within the traditional dental community. As such, we have established a separate non-profit association, the “Laser Dental Center Association.” We have a proprietary malpractice insurance system already in place, and we are establishing new standards of care for laser dentistry so that it will become necessary for the “standard” profession of dentistry to recognize and offer our style of laser dental care.

The Market Potential for this style of dentistry is huge. It consists of 175 million consumers (the 55 per-cent that receive dentistry on a regular basis), and it’s an 80 billion dollar-a-year industry today. The reasons for the rest of the people NOT seeking dental care are fear, time, and expense. We believe the Laser Dental Centers will help overcome these objections. The current state of the profession is working on problems where needles and drills are used, and they are trapped in an insurance economic model which is getting squeezed in our present economy, both from business and the insurance industry.

Our targeted markets are going to be in the mid- to higher-income areas; the educated, family-oriented consumers who desire prevention as well as treatment, and who are willing to seek out and pay for better service. This will also help ensure that our business model will be somewhat recession proof, as we will be appealing to consumers that are outside of the insurance economic model.

Additional markets that we will be entering include placing Laser Dental Cleaning and Screening centers in Wal-Marts and shopping malls. High-rise executive office buildings, with many businesses and employees in major metropolitan areas, offer great opportunities to have Laser Cleaning and Filling Centers located within them. We also plan to partner with large church groups for site development and discount member care close to the church location. And, we have initiated relationships with non-profit organizations for the benefit of children in the inner-city schools health care programs.

Our current go-to-market strategy is to build our first LDCA hub in the Southern California area, with five offices supported by one Dental Education Training Center. From there, we will expand into sixty additional California offices, and then open into the New York, Boston, Seattle, and Minneapolis LDCA hubs. The third expansion will be into the 26 top metro-city areas across the United States, supported by Dental Training Centers on a regional basis. In the process we will establish the Dental Lasik’s brand to our competitive advantage.

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